Lyme Disease Rashes

Lyme Disease Rashes

lyme disease bullseye rash darker skin
erythema migrans rash

Erythema migrans rashes occur in 70-80 percent of infected patients, with onset between 3-30 days (average of 7 days) after being bitten by a tick carrying Borrelia burgdorferi, or less commonly, Borrelia mayonii. The erythema migrans rash of early localized Lyme disease occurs at the site of the tick bite. If not treated, the bacteria can spread and can cause multiple erythema migrans rashes at other places on the body. While sometimes warm to the touch, rashes are usually not painful or itchy. While a bull’s-eye pattern is considered the “classic” presentation, erythema migrans can present in a variety of ways.

Erythema Migrans Rashes

cdc erythema migrans rash
“Classic” Lyme disease rash.
erythema migrans rash 1 010609 from bernard cohen
Expanding rash with central crust.
erythema migrans rash file s0190962210008704 from bhate2011
Expanding erythema migrans. Reprinted from Bhate C, Schwartz RA. Lyme disease: Part I. Advances and perspectivesexternal icon. J Am Acad Dermatol 2011;64:619-36, with permission from Elsevier.
erythema migrans rash 1 010728 from bernard cohen
Multiple rashes, disseminated infection.
erythema migrans rash 1 050504 provided by alison young
Red, oval plaque.
erythema migrans rash 061106 provided by taryn holman
Expanding rash with central clearing.
erythema migrans rash 120205 provided by yevgeniy balagula 1
Bluish hued rash, no central clearing.
erythema migrans rash
Expanding lesion, no central clearing. Photo Credit: Gary Wormser
erythema migrans rash 2 070701 from robin stevenson
Red-blue lesion with central clearing.

Other Rashes that are NOT Erythema Migrans

010803 insect bite hypersensitivity 1
Insect bite hyper-sensitivity.
030429 sulfonamide drug eruption 1
Fixed drug reaction.
040214 7 year old tinea corporis 1
Ringworm (Tinea corporis.)
040611 12 year old pityriasis rosea
Pityriasis rosea rash.
110219 8 year old granuloma annulare
Granuloma annulare rash.
110224 15 month old urticaria multiforme
Urticaria multiforme.

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